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“For the past five years, I have been entertaining the idea of expanding to new markets. I was drawn to downtown Los Angeles because of the exciting redevelopments taking place there. I tend to favor emerging neighborhoods and thus City Market South seemed like the ideal fit.”

- Charles Phan, The Slanted Door

“City Market South will breathe new life, activity, and history into a long-dormant site. Once again, this campus will be an important gathering space where people come to interact, enjoy a great meal, and socialize. This preservation is what I, and others, have been working on in Downtown is all about- the reawakening and reimagining of buildings and neighborhoods so that people can enjoy them anew.”

- Councilmember Jose Huizar, Council District 14

“We are very excited for City Market South’s upcoming opening. The Fashion District continues to be a catalyst for the downtown renaissance and City Market South will act as an anchor, drawing people into the area, and in turn bring much needed dining and entertainment options.”

- Rena Leddy , Managing Director of the Fashion District Business Improvement District

“Over a century ago, City Market was the hub of culinary commerce and a meeting point of many communities. We are proud to bring energy back to the buildings with the launch of City Market South, marking a return to the roots of the land as a culinary gathering point.”

- Peter Fleming, President and CEO of the City Market of Los Angeles

“From its inception, City Market South has been a project with a creative and collaborative approach at its core. That approach was integral to the way we thought about the mix and ultimately selected our unique culinary concepts. We welcomed and encouraged conversations with each signed chef about whom their dream culinary neighbor would be. With everyone’s participation and ownership in our process we assembled a very special group of talents who will bring their unique perspectives, exciting energy and amazing food and drinks to our visitors.”

– Kevin Napoli, Developer of City Market South, LENA Group Co-Founder

“We wanted to bring life back into the old buildings and create a central gathering point that would encourage visitors to enjoy multiple and unique options in one incredible setting. All of our dining tenants will face our central plaza, each with repurposed loading docks for outdoor dining, which enforces this sense of communal experience.”

– Mark Levy, LENA Group Co-Founder and President of City Market South

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